So what is this place?


Hi there 😄

What about this place?

It is a place where I keep some things I believe it worth sharing with friends and people.

Things like music I listen on, software I use, podcasts I listen to, videos and movies I like, quotes, etc. Sometimes I also add some notes on things I’m studying but that is rare.

So, this page is kind of my online notebook/bookmark.

A short history about myself

Computers and sports are my thing. Since forever. Traveling was also always present in my life but it became a big thing when I started to climb.

I’m from that time when Linux and Microsoft were two different religions and the users were always saying bad things about each other 😖. To be more precise I’m from the BBS times 🤔

I graduated as a computer engineer and after university I started to work as a C developer. It was a very intense and interesting job but after a few years it felt like I was spending way to much time on computers and very little on my hobbies so I quit my job.

Quit my job. What about it?

It was kind of an easy decision to take and execute.

I did not any big plans to travel or study. I just needed a break from all of that to have more time to myself.

How I became a full-time traveler?

Life was doing just great.

I was studying and doing short trips and one day, a friend of mine sent me a message to tell me he wanted to go to Chile to climb and asked me if I would like to join him on his trip. 😍

It turns out that this friend is like what people call can angel or maybe, a guide or some fucking something. No matter where I’m or where I go I know I can count on him and we met few times around the world. Love you Marcelo ❤️

After Marcelo invitation I bought myself a flight ticket to Santiago and, from there we went to Cochamó.

Fuck!! Cochamó!! Impressive ❤️ I felt in love with that part of the world.

That trip changed opened my eyes to what I had (TIME) so, after Cochamó I went to Nepal and everything started from there.

And then my life became

I’m super sorry here but next text session is a collection of ‘I’.

The short version of the trip is:

I traveled to South America twice, did Central and North America once. Three times in Europe. Russia once and Asia twice.

The not so short buuuut still a very short version is:

I climbed, surfed, kite-surfed, met new cultures. I learned two new Languages and I kind of “learned” lots of others which I don’t remember anymore.

Of course, I fell in love to some people intensely and sometimes even irrationally.

I was happy and sad sometimes.

I had up and downs.

Sometimes I wanted to keep on with it, sometimes I all wanted was to go back home to be with and time friends.

Have been walking like I’ve never walked before. Took trains, travel by bicycle, by bus….hitchhiking, truck, car, motorcycle and planes I even developed a “I hate airports feeling.

I was even rescued in an accident at a waterfall where I almost drowned.

I climbed volcanoes and mountains, jumped from planes and high cliffs. I saw earthquakes (from the weakest to the most frightening), amazing landslides, heard few avalanches while in mountains and have send even a typhoon.

Worked as volunteer in four places.

Broke a tooth in an accident, saw full and low tides, moons and the starry sky.

I saw several mountains, waterfalls, lakes and oceans.

I swam naked in rivers, lakes and seas. I camped, slept in hostels, hotel, airports, road, on the streets, on roadside and locals home.

I traveled alone and accompanied, in group and in couple I met new songs and new instruments but never really learned how to play any :(

I have seen and experienced different ways of thinking, behaving and seeing the world and the humanity.

I erased myself a few times and got rid of things I learned in school and life to replace with a new idea/value that was coming from now, from experience.

I lived an economic embargo in a country where we had no petrol, cooking gas or any food diversity for three months. I was sick and malnourished.

I met foreigners and locals. Wonderful people.

I ate different foods in different ways. I took lots of rain, lots of sun and I have been very cold too.

Fuck…there are around 20 ‘I’s in this section :O…better stop! You got the point. Life ❤️.

What I have to say now?

Go out and have your own experience.

Don’t be afraid of what others are going to tell you.

Really! It worth the experience.

What about now?

I’m working again. Thanks Pawel 😄

Got a job in the beginning of 2019 🤔 and I’m back to my computer life once again. I must say I was missing it.