Azure Basic Concepts

Azure Basic Concepts

Concept Idea behind
Subscription A logical container for your resources. Each Azure resource is associated with only one subscription. Creating a subscription is the first step in adopting Azure
Resource It is an individual computer, network data or app hosting services which charged individually
Resource Groups It is container which holds related resources for an Azure solution
Regions Defines which data center you choose to use
Datacenter A physical location around the globe where the infrastructure is located at
Azure vNETs The fundamental building block for your network in Azure. They enable VMs to communicate between each other over the internet and your on-prem DC

More information on Azure Fundamental concepts can be found here

High Availability

Availability Zones

They are physically separate datacenters within an Azure Region, with independent power, network and cooling. It is a good idea to make use of availability zones if you have critical apps.

Availability Sets

It is a logical grouping of two or more VMs within in a DC that allows Azure to understand how your app is built to provide redundancy and availability.

If using availability sets, Azure will split your VMs on different racks of servers, which are called fault domains; prevents app outage in case of unplanned maintenance events (power, hw failure, etc)

Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS)

VMMS lets you create and manage a group of identical load balanced VMs and the number of VMs can automatically increase or decrease in response to traffic demand or a defined schedule.

In order to archive hight availability, a minimum of 2 VMs should be placed in a VMMS

Azure Batch

Enables large-scale job scheduling and compute management with the ability to scale to tens, hundreds or thousands of VMs (pool of VMs)