Running away from Facebook but still don't want to miss your friend's birthdays?

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Don't miss your friend's birthday anymore

Birthday Droid is an Android app to help you to keep track of all of your friends and contact's birdays. Birthday droid works offline and it respects your privacy. It is made for you and it is made to be simple and easy to use.

Zodiac Signs

Are you a person who knows everything about astrology and zodiac signs? Birthday Droid helps you to check which zodiac sign and which element each of your friends are.


Be awere of how many of your friend are at some specific age or how many of them were born on monday.


Don't miss any of your friend's most important date. Be notified about it at any time you want to.


Sort your friends by age, zodiac sign, days untils next birthday or name.

How it works — It's simple \o/


Every time you add a new friend or edit one you have on your phone contact list just fill up the Birthday/anniversary field. This is all Birthday Droid needs to know about a contact to notify you about it


Open Birthday droid and set a notification alarm using settings!


That is it! Now you can relax and play around with your other apss

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How can you help us making this app better


If you are a developer you can fork our project and send us some push requests. You could work in a new feature or you could help us fixing issues we have.


Do you speak more then one language? Birthday Droid is not translated to your language? You could help us with that. You don't need to understand anything about coding to do so. All you have to do is start to translate it using this link.

Issues and Features

Do you have any feature request? Any ideas you want to see implemented here? Are you facing any problem using this app? Just open an issue at our repository and we will take the time to fix it or implement it.

Paypal donations

Donations are always welcome and there are many types of donations.

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